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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Social Buzz Master Video

I placed a video of a walkthrough of Social Buzz Master at today. In all honesty it was my first attempt at using Camtasia, and I really need to redo the video completely tomorrow or Monday.

But at least if you’re interested you can see how the program works…

Remember to SIGN UP for the Pre-Launch Notification list. Those on the list will get a discount at the prelaunch, as well as JV and Affilicate opportunities.

Greg White

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One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites  One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Social Bookmarking Software

Social bookmarking software is a dream come true for busy webmasters and writers as the number of social bookmark sites that have emerged in the last few years have added a new dimension to interactive communities online and the ability to share articles and important news.
Social bookmarking software has tapped into a massive market as like minded people share articles, tips and general advice through the massive social networking sites such as Digg and Furl that offer users the ability to tag keywords based on the relevant content.
In it's most simple form, social bookmarking is a way for online surfers to share and store information that they enjoy and this can have a powerful viral effect as social bookmarking software automates the task of individually bookmarking each site and incorporates the major social bookmark networks into a streamlined process for users which increases the exposure of content.
Social bookmarking software is essential for the busy webmaster as even one good article can be shared and tagged with a relevant anchor text link keyword phrase across many networks and will often find a top 10 position at search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN as users tag the keyword phrase.
Social bookmarking online tools are now under development with additional features being added to keep up with recent developments and the big advantage that this method has is the accuracy of results as the users are defining relevant content rather than the search engines which often change their criteria.
Just check out many of the top internet blogs and you will notice that many of these high traffic content blogs offer users to facility to share the content via social bookmarking and in many cases the webmaster will also be increasing their site traffic by using social bookmarking software to spread the word and encourage others to vote for their content.
If you want to save time and increase your website traffic reaching over 350 social bookmark sites simply use our social bookmarking software , "Social Buzz Master"

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One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites  One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites

Monday, October 23, 2006

Problems with your posts showing up in Technorati?

Until yesterday, Technorati's spider had a problem with sites that appear with and without 'www' in front of them. For example the permalinks of Strumpette, a well-known PR blog, start with '' in the feed, but Technorati's spider was indexing the HTML from '', seeing relative permalinks from the page, and missing the correlation between the two. Technorati has now fixed the bug, and they handle this case better, so Strumpette and others will see better indexing of their posts.

Technorati clearly wants to index blogs thoroughly. To do this, we look at both the feeds and the HTML of a blog, and pick which seems most complete.

According to Technorati, "...the best way to get your posts indexed is to provide a full content Atom feed for your blog and use the feed autodiscovery standard." Technorati also says that, "Atom is more consistent and explicit about several elements than RSS, but the key difference is that it has a way to express full-content posts - they can be indicated in Atom by using instead of for the posts, whereas RSS uses < description> for both."

If the feed is not full content, they correlate posts between the feed and the HTML of the main page, to see if there is more there because many sites have brief summary feeds, and full posts on the main page; some have the opposite.

For full story go here: Apologies to Strumpette

One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites  One Click to 200+ Social Bookmarking Sites