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Saturday, December 24, 2005

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Using Blog Commenting

Effective use of Blog Commenting can bring you good quality targeted traffic. But abusing this approach can quickly ruin your reputation. So be very careful!

Blog Commenting can be a labor intensive technique but you can trim down the time it takes to use it effectively by working smart. And the time you invest will be well spent when you begin to see interactions taking place with other bloggers and as traffic gets driven to your blog.

Our objective is to generate Traffic, instead of just links, so the fact that many blogs now use the "NOFOLLOW" tag to prevent the benefits of link popularity doesn't matter..

You can use Google's own search engine on to find an appropriate blog to comment on. Go to to find blogs that have a similar theme or topic to yours, or who have posted on a similar topic to which you are currently posting.

For example, since I'm writing this article on 'Blog Commenting', I could type in "Blog Commenting" in the text box labeled "with these words in the title". Click 'Search Blogs' and you'll see a variety of links returned. Some of the titles are:

Blog Commenting Etiquette
blog commenting
Ninja blog commenting
Blog Commenting protocol
Great moments in blog commenting

There's probably as many ideas and opinions about blog commenting as there are blog comments out there.
And many blogs permit you to post, but a number of people have become fed up with people who use blogs as a vehicle for comment spam, and so have disabled this capability. Even so, one thing is for certain, according to Denise in the Blog Commenting Etiquette post, "Commenting is an essential activity for successful blogging and driving traffic to your own blog. Knowing how to do it "correctly", with respect and professionalism is critical to the success of your blog."

I agree. Feel free to ask relevant questions or make relevant comments. You can also feel free to challenge the blogger's post if necessary because bloggers like feedback and interaction! But be sure to be courteous and contribute something new to the discussion, and generally ad value. In this way, your posts are going to be welcomed.

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