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Monday, October 23, 2006

Problems with your posts showing up in Technorati?

Until yesterday, Technorati's spider had a problem with sites that appear with and without 'www' in front of them. For example the permalinks of Strumpette, a well-known PR blog, start with '' in the feed, but Technorati's spider was indexing the HTML from '', seeing relative permalinks from the page, and missing the correlation between the two. Technorati has now fixed the bug, and they handle this case better, so Strumpette and others will see better indexing of their posts.

Technorati clearly wants to index blogs thoroughly. To do this, we look at both the feeds and the HTML of a blog, and pick which seems most complete.

According to Technorati, "...the best way to get your posts indexed is to provide a full content Atom feed for your blog and use the feed autodiscovery standard." Technorati also says that, "Atom is more consistent and explicit about several elements than RSS, but the key difference is that it has a way to express full-content posts - they can be indicated in Atom by using instead of for the posts, whereas RSS uses < description> for both."

If the feed is not full content, they correlate posts between the feed and the HTML of the main page, to see if there is more there because many sites have brief summary feeds, and full posts on the main page; some have the opposite.

For full story go here: Apologies to Strumpette

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